At different times of our lives, many of us may want to reach out and seek support, guidance and mentorship – personal or professional.

Mentors will be listed by name, city and area of expertise / life experience, along with their shared profiles

Mentors, please list only the email address or number that you want to share with any ELSA who may contact you.
Please specify what time of the day and what days of the week are convenient for you to receive calls.
Respect each other’s time. Arrange a schedule of mentorship sessions based on mutual convenience.
Be courteous and civilized. ELSA Mentors are not obliged to mentor you. They have volunteered.
If for any reason, there is any altercation or conflict between the Mentor and Mentee, kindly resolve it between the two of you. The ELSA Association is not responsible for any action of the Mentor or Mentee. We just provide the platform for you to connect.
This is not a paid service, and Mentees are not obliged to pay for it. However, some ELSA Mentors may be professional Counsellors and Life Coaches. If you wish to use their professional services, you are free to do so outside of the ELSA framework.
ELSA does not currently assess or review the Members listed as Mentors.

The Mentor Register will be up and running shortly. Watch this space!