We all know that travelling together is a wonderful way to discover the world, ourselves, and each other.

The ELSA Alumni Travel Hub – travELSA – is ready to put together many opportunities for us to come together – old friends and new – and explore different destinations, share memories and create new ones, and of course, leave an ELSA footprint wherever we go!

Every trip will be a different, unique and bespoke experience.

TRAVELSA - Grover Zampa Vineyard Bangalore

Summer Wine in Winter Time

A perfect day for a winter outing. Aided by google maps , on point this time , 24 ELSA 's and their families made it to the Grover Zampa Vineyards off Bangalore bright and early on Sunday. The drive through vineyards and mango orchards reminded me of a Bangalore which long term residents would remember with nostalgia.

Our guide , took us through the stages in wine making. We learnt what ballooning grapes mean. We learnt Rosé is not a mix of red and white wines. We learnt how to store bottles, which need to lie down and what needs to , well, just stand up. Then came the 5 S's : See, swirl, sniff, sip and savour. A lot of laughter and bonding over the crisp notes of the white and spicy notes of the red.

The ELSA spirit soared and wafted through the oak barrels.


Grover Zampa Vineyard Bangalore
Summer Wine in Winter Time
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