Anytime, ELSAs come together with a collective intention, magic happens

After the resounding success of our Annual Dinner, the objectives of the ELSA Movement to support the ELSA Community continues. Preparations have begun for the ELSA NGO Mela in December around the Christmas and New Year festive week. The Association has created this platform for NGOs run and supported by ELSAs across various sectors to spread awareness in Health, Education, Girl Child and other categories, as well as aid the artisan community that they work with to showcase their expertise. ELSA members will not be charged for the stalls in the Mela.’

Our vision with this initiative is to support ELSA enterprises in bringing change to communities, and is aligned to our larger ELSA Movement of creating opportunities for ELSAs to grow their reach in making a better world.

Ways to Give

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A little giving goes a long way
As an Association, we will continue to create initiatives to give. All ideas are welcome - Write in at