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Annu Kalra ( 1988ECO00050 )
Company Name : Spiritually inspired
Address : S-176, 1st Floor, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi 110048
Contact No : +919811029933
Email :
Website :
Product Description :
Personal sessions of counselling for mental & emotional well being, sharing techniques for self healing & helping discover personal meditations; Workshops for groups & Corporates to enhance positivity & productivity, manage stress & improve quality of life and harmonize work-life balance; Mystical Art & Musings reinterpreting Ancient wisdom & spiritual concepts.

Any discount / incentive for ELSAs : Yes
Discount : 10
Anupama Jhingon ( 1976ENG00078 )
Company Name : Dr. Anupama Jhingon/WHITE FLOWERS
Address : A 51/7 DLF 1, Behind Mega Mall, Gurgaon
Contact No : 9810606306
Email :
Website :
Product Description :
I ‘m a Transpersonal Therapist , Reiki Grandmaster, Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I read Oracle cards for predictions and help clients with Relationships, and overcoming physical, mental and emotional traumas. Also clear blockages at energy level in people, houses and workplaces. I conduct Wellness modules for small and large groups as well as Corporates. I teach Reiki all levels and do attunements accordingly, both individuals and groups.

Any discount / incentive for ELSAs : Yes
Discount : 15
Saumya Vardhan ( 2003STA00006 )
Company Name :
Address : A 174 Ground Floor Defence Colony
Contact No : 08447739300
Email :
Website :
Product Description :
Science based Astrology, Vastu, Puja Services, Numerology and other spiritual products. Rated as #2 most inspiring start-up of 2014 by Shubhpuja has been featured by >30 worldwide media houses including Forbes CNBC, Voice of America, New York Magazine, Los Angeles Times, OMNI TV Canada, Caixin China, CNA Taiwan, Zee News, Hindustan Times, ET, Indian express etc.

Any discount / incentive for ELSAs : Yes
Discount : 10


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