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Indu Jain ( 1994MAT00345 )
Company Name : Key2practice
Address : Gurgaon
Contact No : 9811525975
Email :
Website :
Product Description :
Company Profile Key2practice is a startup venture in the field of education. It has been founded by some of the leading educators from IIT with several years of teaching experience in some of the most renowned schools. They believe in the philosophy ‘Quality education is the right of every child, not a privilege!’ In accordance with this belief, Key2practice has devised such practice material, which enables young learners to fully understand the fundamental concepts and then apply them independently. Repetitive practice clarifies concepts, instills confidence in the child thereby he/she develops love for the subject. This clarity further enables students to connect new material/concepts to previously covered material - this is the distinguishing feature that differentiates key2practice from the others. Knowledge means development of mental powers, thinking, reasoning, discrimination, judgment, memory, problem solving, imagination, intelligence and this is exactly the USP of Key2practice. Our products are designed for young learners from Grades I to V. Visit

Any discount / incentive for ELSAs : Yes
Discount : 25
Company Name : Talk To Me
Address : A 20 Neeti Bagh, Ground Floor, New Delhi 110049
Contact No : 9899000881
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Product Description :
TALK TO ME! is an initiative aimed at helping youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, to improve their conversational English. Our target group is in their late teens and early twenties. Most of them have had a formal education, upto high school, in a Hindi medium school. Their curriculum included English, but their language skills need to be enhanced to enable them to enter and compete in the global market place. Our belief is that the conversational skills that we impart, will also help them to build their self esteem and confidence.

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