Elections for Executive Committee 2017-2019

The ELSA Association was set up and registered on 23rd June 2014 by ELSA Members

Elections to vote in the 2nd Executive Committee of the ELSA Association will be held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 9th September 2017.

Please go through the Election Schedule and other details if you wish to stand as a Candidate to be elected as a Member of the Executive Committee. The entire Election process – application for candidature, nominations, approval, list of candidates and their profiles, and voting will be conducted online. Members can also vote at the AGM in New Delhi on 9th September 2017.

The Election Schedule  

Invitation for Nominations 11th July to 26th July 2017
List of Candidates posted on website 27th July 2017
Objections, if any, from Members 29th July 2017
Withdrawals, if any 03rd August 2017
Final list of Candidates posted 04th August 2017
Candidates’ campaigning stops 03rd September 2017
Online Voting starts 05th September 2017 @ 0000 hrs (midnight) IST
Online Voting stops 08th September 2017@ 12 noon IST
Voting at AGM 09th September 2017
Results announced at AGM 09th September 2017
Results announced online  10th September 2017

Candidate Applications  

1. Who can be an Executive Committee Member?

  • Any ELSA Member who has fully paid her Membership fee and received her Membership Number can contest the election for EC Membership.
  • Members from Chapters outside the Home City (NCR New Delhi) can also apply, if they can commit to joining Executive Committee meetings as per requirements in the MOA and Bye-laws.
  • Any ELSA Member who can further the Objects of the Association and invest her skills and time.

2. Process of Application:
  • The Candidate must complete the Application Form here
  • Candidate must be nominated by a Proposer (ELSA Member) after the form is complete
  • The nomination must be seconded by an ELSA Member after the Proposal is submitted
  • The Election Officer will review and approve the Application
  • The Candidate will be informed by email and can update her Campaign Page
  • List of Candidates will be posted by the Election Officer on the website
  • In the event that there is any objection by any ELSA Member to the Candidature, the Election Officer will notify the Candidate and seek explanation
  • Final List of Candidates will be posted by the Election Officer on the website

3. Candidate Categories
Categories for the candidates to stand for election will be according to the Graduation year, as below:






Graduated between 1959-1976



Graduated between 1977-1986



Graduated between 1987-1996



Graduated between 1997-2006



Graduated between 2007-2016



Graduated in 2017



Faculty member

Note: There may be more be than 1 candidate per Category


  • An ELSA Member can propose up to two Candidates for Membership to the EC, and
  • An ELSA Member can second the nominations of up two Candidates for Membership to the EC

The Election Officer  

Dr (Mrs) Niloufer Shroff has been invited to be the Election Officer to conduct the Elections for Executive Committee 2017-2019, and has accepted. She and an Election Team nominated by her will conduct the Election independently of the current Executive Committee, and with the requisite confidentiality and neutrality as outlined in the Bye-laws

List of Candidates  

The list will be posted on the website on 27th July 2017 Come back and view it .


  • All members will receive announcements through email, Facebook and this website
  • Only fully paid up ELSA Members are entitled to vote to elect members of the Executive Committee
  • A Member whose subscription is in arrears shall not be entitled to vote and if she votes her vote shall not be counted.
  • No Member can cast her vote more than once
  • Every Member can vote for up to 12 Candidates when she casts her vote
  • Members are encouraged to cast their vote for at least 1 Candidate per category (see Candidate Categories) to ensure representation across generations of alumni
  • Members are requested to use the online voting process which will be active from 0000 hrs (midnight) IST 05th September 2017 till 12 noon IST on 8th September 2017. This can be done easily by checking the radio button next to the Candidates’ names in the List of Candidates
  • Members can also vote at the Annual General Meeting of the General Body of the Association to be held on 09th September 2017 in New Delhi. Members must carry their Membership Cards to the AGM
  • Members are encouraged to vote with integrity for Candidates who they genuinely believe will add value and work towards furthering the Objectives of the Association


  • Results of selected candidates for the Executive Committee will be announced at the AGM
  • Members will be advised of the Results by email, on Facebook and on the Website by 10th September 2017
  • The incoming Executive Committee will elect their office bearers within 10 days of being elected and these results will be announced through email, on Facebook and on the Website