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May 08, 2017

Our Vision

Drive Social Change through Empowerment of Women

Our Mission

A community that continues to nurture‘the LSR spirit of liberation through knowledge’ and transforms lives through sustainable support and action

Executive Committee

Rashmi Misra,
Batch of 1971

Ameeta Verma Duggal,
Vice President
Batch of 1989

Saroj Kaushal,
Hony. Secretary
Batch of 1965

Urvashi Ashta,
Hony. Treasurer
Batch of 1988

Aditi Misra,
Batch of 1982

Gitanjali Luthra Bhalla,
Batch of 1988

Renuka Prasad,
Batch of 1969

Madhulika Choudhary,
Batch of 1991

Smita Mankad,
Batch of 1992

Deepa Vohra Bahl,
Batch of 1997

Gayatri Srivastava,
Batch of 1996

Triveni Mahajan,
Batch of 1992

ELSA Chapters


Annabelle Manwaring,
Batch of 1971


Anu Misra,
Batch of 1993

Gesu Kaushal,
Batch of 1993

GCC Chapter

Ritu Arora,
Batch of 1979

The LSR Effect – ELSAs making a difference
Gita Mittal, Economic Honours Batch of 1978
  • Sports President of the Lady Shri Ram College (1977-1978)
  • Recipient of All Round Best Sports Person Award of the College in 1978.
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Alumna Award in 2008
  • Acting Chief Justice, Delhi High Court

Prior to her appointment as Additional Judge in 2004 and confirmed as a permanent judge in 2006, Justice Mittal had an illustrious legal practice in all courts and other judicial for a since 1981.

Since August, 2008, Justice Mittal has been a member of the Governing Council of the National Law University, Delhi; member of the Governing Council of the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. Deeply engaged with the work of institutional strengthening, Justice Mittal has also served as a member of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place; Working Conditions and Welfare Committee For Judicial Officers/staff of High Court and District Courts;

Her judicial pronouncements include judgments on compensation for riot victims; right to shelter of internally displaced persons; right to marriage of a lady member of the Armed Force; the appointment of a person suffering from ‘Disorder of Sexual Differentiation’ into the para-military force; principles which would govern DNA testing in paternity issues in the absence of statutory provisions; the conducting of trials in cases involving sexual offences and recording of statements of the victims and guidelines for the same; governance of sports and sports bodies; issues involving termination of service because of a pregnancy; right to workers in the labour force; trade-mark litigation; privacy laws; contours of the right to privacy of a public figure.

Befitting her contribution to society, JusticeMittal received the Distinguished Alumna Award in 2008 from the Vice President of India, awarded by the College. The citation for the award reads that she is being recognized “for her landmark judgments which have ensured long-denied justice for the victimized; for the courage of her convictions and her indomitable spirit in turning challenges into opportunities; for her visionary tenacity in striving to uphold the basic right to human dignity.”

Justice Mittal has now been appointed as the Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court.

We join hands to congratulate Justice Mittal on making us ELSAs proud!

Priti Suri, History Honours, Batch of 1983

First Asian to receive the “Mayre Rasmussen Award” for the Advancement of Women in International Law

Priti Suri is the founder and managing partner of PSA. Spanning a career of just over three decades, she has worked in the US (New York & Chicago) and Europe (Paris) before returning to India. She holds the distinction of being appointed as “Special Counsel” to the State of Ohio, Office of Attorney-General.

A business lawyer, known for her pragmatic ability to get the deal done, she has advised clients operating in many different sectors, including aerospace, automotive, chemicals, defense, energy, infrastructure, media, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, telecom and technology.

Priti is the immediate past Chair of the Women Business Lawyers’ Committee of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association where she headed the committee for four years. She has also been instrumental in the formation of Society of Women-Lawyers – India and is its current President. SOWL-India is the first platform of its kind to aid women legal professionals address the evolving challenges of a changing legal market place.

On April 26, 2017, Priti was honored with the prestigious “Mayre Rasmussen Award” for the Advancement of Women in International Law by the American Bar Association in Washington D.C. She is the first Asian to receive this award in its 18-year history.ABA stated that: “Priti’s role as a mentor and in opening doors for women and women lawyers in India make her the perfect candidate for the Mayre Rasmussen Award”.Her goal is to “personally make sure that young women who want to practice international law have a platform to do so”.

More power to you Priti!!

About LSR

I owe an enormous amount to the lessons learnt in College, both in and outside the classrooms. Our professors taught how to develop an eye for detail and encouraged independent thinking coupled with the stress on questioning. This is crucial in any profession, but more so in the law. In fact, it was during my three years of College that the seeds were sowed for standing up for oneself, not seeing women as the weaker gender, but to stay committed to our convictions.

It is essential to publicize and celebrate women breaking glass ceilings particularly in a global stage, because it potentially inspires many lives; however, that celebration would be pointless without thinking of the next steps i.e., making it easier for more women to get to the top. And, that is something we learnt early on in LSR – stay on the path and use a hammer (if necessary) to break that glass ceiling!

Mrinalika Rathore, B.A. Programme, Batch of 2015

Mrinalika had recently participated in the ELSA NGO Mela organized by the Association earlier this year.Mrinalika is a young, motivated ELSA and it was wonderful interacting with her at the ELSA NGO Mela was inspiring!

Coming from a conservative Rajput family, Mrinalika grew up seeing voices being silenced and education as a rare privilege. She witnessed injustice disguised in rituals and customs. She started college and soon joined ac ommunity project Chehel where she realized that education was the only way through which change was possible in society, particularly in her social milieu. She

Joined ‘Teach for India’ as a fellow in a Government School for twoyears. Mrinalika tells us that it was “ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I EVER TOOK”. It made her believe that with the right intentions and efforts anything is possible. “There is one thing that I can say withconfidence: If there is anything that helped me reach here, if thereis anything that empowered me to be what I am today, and if there isanything that still pushes me to learn; it is only and only my EDUCATION!”

Mrinalika had a dream to ensure that every child, growing up in her hometown should feel empowered to dream and speakup the way she did! She realized this dream by setting up Sashaktikaran (meaning empowerment). Please visit her website to know more about her initiative

Mrinalika is seeking the support of her fellow ELSAs to make Sashastikaran a programme that can ensure realization of her dreams! We are calling out to the ELSAs to reach out to Mrinalika and help her in whichever manner possible.

Annual Dinner – August 19, 2017

ELSAs, mark your calendars as we gear up for yet another evening filled with celebration of the ELSA spirit that binds us together and the nostalgia that brings us together. This year we will pick up from where we left last year and continue with the ELSA Effect.

The 4th Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Sovereign, Le Meridien, New Delhi.

Watch this space for more details. Meanwhile, do spread the word. Give no ELSA friend, classmate, colleague of yours reason to complain, “they wish they had known about the dinner”. Let the fire start from each one of you and let it be a wildfire like never before!

Executive Committee Election

The Association will be conducting its 2nd election for the appointment of the new Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is elected for a period of two years and members of the Association are eligible to stand and vote. The election process will soon be initiated and Members are called upon to come forward and stand for elections.

Watch this space for further details, which will be announced shortly!

Annual General Meeting

The 4th Annual General Meeting will be held on September 19, 2017. All Members are entitled and requested to attend the same. This is the forum for the Members to voice their opinions, recommendations, grievances, suggestions etc. to make the Association truly a Members’ body.

Events featuring ELSAs

Lady Mohini Kent Noon, Psychology Honours, Batch of 1973
Mohini will be part of a panel discussion, Empire Writes Back, being held at the Asia House, 63 New Cavendish St, W1G 7LP, UK on May 10, 2017 between 6.45 – 8PM. Mohini’s novel Black Taj has the theme of the Partition in the background, and the grandmother who cannot get over the sense of loss. The trauma in Punjabi families, in particular, of the Partition was carried through migrations to the Commonwealth and all over the world, and down through successive generations in children born long after. The theme of the panel discussion on 10th is the Partition, of which we are commemorating the 70th anniversary, and it should be very interesting. Please visit the event page:

Sumedha VermaOjha, Honours, Batch of 1989
Sumedha, Author of the Urnabhih series and the Mewar Ramayana and an upcoming book of women of ancient India, is currently on her US tour and will be speaking on the Feminine in Indic history at Café Victoria Event Venue, 70 west 107 street, New York, NY 10025. The event will be held on May 10, 2017 between 7 – 9.30 PM.

GCC Chapter

The GCC ELSAs have been getting together over very topical discussions. The latest meet had a presentation on Kangen water. It is a Japanese technology and used in most hospitals in Japan. It is also suitable for home use. Kangen water is anti oxidant, alkalizing, detoxifying and hydrating. It is useful for diabetes, cancer, skin diseases etc. The water is also useful in removing pesticides from vegetables and fruits.

As the ladies put truly was an 'eye opener'. We believe everyone enjoyed the presentation, which was followed by their usual banter and making future plans for the group.

A fruitful meeting, indeed

Mumbai Chapter

ELSA Mumbai hosted a ‘charcha over chai/cocktails’ at Junkyard Cafe, Bandra on May 6th. Despite being the holiday season, more than a dozen alumna sashayed in and shared their incredible life stories.From marketing to media, banking to film production, academia to Bollywood, each story is a tale of talent and courage.It was an evening that truly exemplified the motto of 'Elsas stronger together'!

Cheers to this gutsy vibrant bunch!

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